Pregnancy & Infant Massage

* Pre / Perinatal (Pregnancy) Massage

Soft tissue/Passive movement blends and Neuromuscular, Reflexive and other deep tissue techniques are used to address the physical and emotional needs of pregnant, laboring and post-partum women. Joana teaches massage to the women and their partners to facilitate relaxation, reduce pain, while preparing the client for the challenges of birth.


Benefits for Pregnant Women

Helps relieve lower back pain related to sciatica
* Helps relieve carpal tunnel pain
* Helps prepare for labor

Infant Massage

Joana works with parents as well as in an intensive care setting with acute and chronic illness infants. The purpose is to promote nurturing, touch and communication trough training, education and research to parents so that their infants are loved, valued and respected.

                    Benefits for Infants

* Improves immune system
* Helps baby learn to relax
* Promotes sounder and longer sleep
* Promotes positive body image
* Promotes bonding and communication
* Helps to regulate digestive, respiratory, colic, and congestion
* Decreases production of stress hormones and with teething


                                    Benefits for Parents

* Provides a special focused time that helps deepen bonding
* Helps parents to understand and respond appropriately to babys non verbal cues
* Promotes feelings of competence and confidence in caring for baby
* Improves parent-infant communication
* Increases parents ability to help child relax in times of stress
* Eases stress of parent who must be separated from child during the day
* It is fun and relaxing for parents to massage their children


Such Precious Cargo

Learn more from research done by Doctor Tiffany Field's with Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami Shcool of Medicine, Miami, Florida, USA.